Maria Camila – Principal

I aspire you can take away from White Pearl Venture what we hope to provide for you, which is unforgettable memories that last a lifetime of joyful laughs and warm hearts.

I was born in Colombia and have been living in the United States since I was a child. I have grown up in a tight-knit family with fascinating customs and traditions while also adopting the American-way of living and becoming a U.S. Citizen. I have spent many years studying French culture and through my education at USC, had the opportunity to further immerse myself by studying in France for some time. The combination of the three cultures have awakened a love for all things wanderlust and trying to share these experiences with those surrounding me in ways catered to them. Ever since I was a little girl I loved putting together tea parties, exotic shows and other such little events for my friends and family to enjoy. I have always had a euphoria for occasions where I get to play a part in helping provide magical moments that can ignite the soul and fervor the heart. Seeing this effect on my loved ones kindled a passion within me to work toward a goal where I would have the privilege to serve others and make these moments happen in their lives at a greater scale.

Today, I have conquered this goal and I only hope to improve each day as the years pass. I am blessed to be trilingual in English, Spanish and French all for the ultimate objective to serve you with the opportunity to offer something beyond. I live and stand with an inspired and motivated spirit to work with you and provide you with the experience you have always dreamt of to the very best of my abilities. This I hope to continue doing for you with elegance and charm.

Maria Camila